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Safety Codes

Safety Codes Permits & Inspections


(If you currently have an open permit with the previous Safety Codes provider (Superior Safety Codes), please continue to work with them until your permit has been closed.)

A reminder that in addition to a Development permit, any development or construction in the Summer Village also requires Safety Codes permits.  This includes building, electrical, plumbing, private sewage and gas.

Please contact:

The Inspections Group Inc.

  • Address:  12010-111 Avenue
          Edmonton, Alberta
          T5G 0E6
  • Contact for the Summer Village of West Cove is:  Tarla Degroot
  • Phone: 780-732-4645
  • Fax: 780-454-5222
  • Toll Free Fax: 1-866-454-5222
  • www.inspectionsgroup.com


Safety Codes Information:

Energy Code Information Package

Permits & Compliance Reference Guide


Safety Codes Permits / Fee Schedules:

Building Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

Electrical Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

Gas Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

Plumbing Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

Private Sewage Permit (PDF) (FILLABLE)

2018 Fee Schedule

Contractor Inspection Stages

Homeowner Inspection Stages


The Inspections Group Inc. Safety Codes Officers:

Paul Wieschorster (Electrical SCO) 780 288 2646 PWieschorster@inspectionsgroup.com

Tim Wesley (Electrical SCO – back up) 780 220 3174 TWesley@inspectionsgroup.com

Reid Edwards (Gas, Plbg and Private Sewage SCO) 780 220 0332 REdwards@inspectionsgroup.com

Rick Baxter (Gas, Plbg and Private Sewage SCO – back up) 780 222 2180 RBaxter@inspectionsgroup.com

Steve Henderson (Building SCO) 780 222 1623 SHenderson@inspectionsgroup.com

Mario Poser (Building SCO – back up) MPoser@inspectionsgroup.com