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Fisheries & Oceans Canada - West Cove Boat Launch Ramp

Notice of Proposed Work - West Cove Boat Launch Ramp


Contract Opportunity - Submissions Accepted until October 18, 2018

Winter Road Maintenance

Proposal Notice / Map of Summer Village / Map of Roads for Snow Clearing


Use of Municipal Reserve Areas

A reminder to all residents that vegetation such as trees, plants and flowers are not to be removed or planted on any municipal reserve areas without prior permission from the Sumner Village.     Any vegetation that has been planted on the municipal reserve areas without permission will be removed.  If you have planted anything on the municipal reserve areas, please remove or move to your property.  Your cooperation is appreciated.


Municipal Floating Pier

The Floating Pier beside the boat launch has been removed for the 2018/2019 season.  Thank you to the following volunteers for removing it:

Derek & Fred Noble, Mike Woods, Joel Woods, Aaron Neuffer, Dave Breton, Ren Giesbrecht


New Safety Codes Services Provider for the Summer Village of West Cove

Effective May 1st, 2018, residents will contact The Inspections Group Inc. for Safety Codes permits (building, plumbing, gas, electrical, private sewage).   View Contact Information Here


May 2018 Newsletter

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Waste Collection

Print Your 2018 Waste Collection Schedule