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Blue-Green Algae Advisory - Lac Ste. Anne - July 5, 2019

Please see further information on the Alberta Health Services Website

Alberta Health Services



Playground Update - August 30, 2019

The playground has been repaired and is now open!



2019 Annual Newsletterdownload your copy here

Please note that there was an error in the 2019 newsletter that was mailed on May 13, 2019.   
Below is the correct contact information for your Summer Village Council. 
We apologize for any confusion this has caused.


Mayor: Larry St.Amand 

Email:   lwstamand@gmail.com  

Phone:  780-919-4382

Deputy Mayor:  Ren Giesbrecht   

Email:  renjgiesbrecht@gmail.com 

Phone:  780-910-3157

Councillor: Dave Breton  

Email:  dave@centraltractor.ca   

Phone: 780-289-5270



Recreational Use of Shorelines along Public Park Areas

To the Residents of the Summer Village of West Cove:

As we approach the Summer boating season, a number of issues have been brought up with regards to piers and lifts placed in the public park shorelines.  In the past, all the Summer Villages (Alberta Summer Village Association) have asked for a formal policy from the Federal and Provincial Agencies that are responsible for Lakeshores and Beds.  This has not happened to date and, as such, the Summer Village has no jurisdiction over these shorelines.  We ask, however, that those who use these shores to place their equipment in the lake are considerate to the others who use the park as access to the lake for recreational purposes.

If you have the time, please contact your local MLA and voice your concern to this issue, as well, further information may be obtained by contacting Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development (information below).

Province of Alberta
Land and Forest Policy Branch, Policy Division 
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development 
2nd Floor, South Petroleum Plaza 
9915-108 Street 
Edmonton, AB T5K 2G8

Ph: (780) 427-4767 
Fax: (780) 422-4251 
E-mail: gerry.haekel@gov.ab.ca

Thank you,

Larry St. Amand, Mayor

Summer Village of West Cove



Use of Municipal Reserve Areas

A reminder to all residents that vegetation such as trees, plants and flowers are not to be removed or planted on any municipal reserve areas without prior permission from the Sumner Village.     Any vegetation that has been planted on the municipal reserve areas without permission will be removed.  If you have planted anything on the municipal reserve areas, please remove or move to your property.  Your cooperation is appreciated.