West Cove


Bylaws of the Summer Village of West Cove are available below in PDF format.

177-89 Control & Regulate Drainage Bylaw

    Approach Installation Applicaton

196-94 Agreement with Lac Ste. County for Joint Use, Control and Management of Fire Equipment Bylaw

234-01 Adding Fire Extinguishing Costs to the Tax Roll

236-01 Repeal of Unnecessary Bylaws

286-08 WILD Water Commission Authorization Bylaw

304-11 Enact a Municipal Development Plan Bylaw

    Municipal Development Plan

409-16 Chief Administrative Officer Bylaw (Wendy Wildman)

415-16 Rescinding Bylaw

417-16 Land Use Bylaw Consolidated to November 29, 2018

450-18 Land Use Bylaw Amending Bylaw (Cannabis, technical matters with respect to the use of secondary suites and the timelines for development permit notices)

420-16 Tax Penalty Bylaw

421-16 Tax Payment Plan Bylaw

422-16 Burning Bylaw

424-16 Development Authority Bylaw (Tony Sonnleitner)

426-16 Designated Officer (Assessor) Bylaw (Dan Kanuka)

428-16 Records Retention & Disposition Bylaw

429-16 Bylaw Officer Position Bylaw

430-16 Traffic & Highway Use Bylaw

431-16 Unsightly Premises Bylaw

432-16 Animal Control Bylaw

433-16 Off-Highway Vehicles Bylaw - Provincial Small Vehicles Booklet

434-16 Planning & Subdivision Authority Bylaw (Municipal Planning Services)

436-16 Noise Bylaw

437-16 Sewage & Wastewater Disposal Bylaw

438-16 Curfew Bylaw

440-16 Appoint Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) Head

444-17 Emergency Advisory Committee & Emergency Management Agency

446-18 Fees and Charges Bylaw

447-18 Code of Conduct Bylaw

448-18 Council Procedural Bylaw

449-18 Waste Collection and Disposal Bylaw

453-19 Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Bylaw

454-19 Tax Rates Bylaw

456-19 Assessment Review Boards Bylaw

457-19 Designated Officer - Assessment Review Board Clerk Bylaw

458-19 Designated Officer - Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Clerk Bylaw