West Cove

Tax Payment Information


The Summer Village of West Cove Administration and Council have developed a tax payment plan for residents.  This tax payment plan is available to any resident within the Summer Village.  If you are interested in joining, there will be an application/agreement form to fill out and send back to the Administration office.  The program works that your taxes are split into twelve payments over the course of the year so that by the time your tax notice arrives in your mail box, approximately half of your taxes have already been paid.



You can figure out your January to June 2017 monthly tax installment payment by using your 2016 Tax Notice.   The 2016 Tax Notice will have your Tax Roll # and the total amount of your 2016 Tax Levy.   If you take the 2016 Total Tax Levy and Divide the amount by 12 months, you will then have your monthly payment from January to June of 2017.

Along with your filled out TAX PAYMENT PLAN FORM, we will require a void cheque or a form from your financial institution that provides the banking information required to automatically take payments from your account on the 28th of each month (Note:  Post-Dated Cheques are not accepted.)   Please mail or email your form & void cheque to the administration office.

If you require assistance or have any further questions, please contact the administration office:

Phone:  587-873-5765

Email:  svwestcove@outlook.com

Mailing Address:  Summer Village of West Cove,  721 Valking Road,   West Cove, AB,   T0E 0A2



Combined Tax & Assessment Notices are mailed May 13th of each year.

Taxes are DUE June 30th of each year.

An 18% Penalty will be applied to all current year unpaid taxes on July 1st.

An 18% Penalty will be applied to all outstanding tax balances on January 1st.