West Cove

Compost Collection Pit - Now Open for the Season - Change in Access Gate

The main gate to the compost site will be closed until futher notice.  The site can be accessed off to the side through an opening in the fence.  The best method to access the site is with a quad and trailer or a smaller vehicle.

We aplogize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation!


A reminder to place branches and leaves as high as possible on the existing pile.   Lake weeds and garden waste are to be placed on the extisting weed pile off to the side.   Thank you for your continued cooperation!


Only accepting branches, leaves, grass clippings, lake weeds.

For the convenience of the residents of West Cove, the compost collection pit is now open daily.  Please ensure that only appropriate compost materials (branches, leaves, grasses and weeds) are placed in the area.  NO DUMPING IS ALLOWED.  Place all compost materials as high as possible on the existing piles.  Failure to comply may result in the site being closed and a return to supervised hours access only.  Please report non-residents using the site as well as report anyone placing inappropriate materials in the site or vandalizing the site to the village Chief Administrative Officer at 587-873-5765 or svwestcove@outlook.com.


Note: treated wood, painted wood and construction material are not compostable nor appropriate to burn on the site and adds significant burden to the Summer Village due to the difficulty and expense to remove and transport the material to the landfill. Residents must take those materials directly to the Regional Landfill Site located on Highway 43 East  -  55228 RGE RD 35 (just past Ross Haven).

Thank you for your compliance.