West Cove

West Cove Days Committee

West Cove Days 2017 has been scheduled for July 22, 2017.   Theme TBA!


On behalf of the West Cove Days Committee, we would like to recognize all of the wonderful people who helped to make 2016 "Redneck Day" a huge success!  It is with the help from all of you, that this annual event was attended by so many residents and their families, with a great time had by all!

Thank you to the following:



-Eileen Agnew - Concession

-Joanne Breton - Games, Dance

-Greg Woronuk - Parade


Game Volunteers:

-Miranda Altmik, Rhonda Altmik

-Dave Breton, Joanne Breton, Maleah Breton, Noelani Breton

-Mark Davidson

-Deanne Ethier, Serge Ethier

-Abbey Geisbrecht, Allison Geisbrecht, Cathy Geisbrecht, Ren Geisbrecht, Shirley Geisbrecht

-Nichole Gillett

-Claude Gregoire

-Jocelyn Joe

-Kira Kotke

-Beatrice Leveugle

-Jaime MacDonald

-Ryan Miller

-Loretta Muir

-Lori Reimer

-Brice Richard, Liz Richard

-Doris Scott

-Cheryl Stacey


Concession Volunteers:

-Andrew Agnew, Eileen Agnew

-Dave Breton

-Marily Burge

-Barry Duiker, Darlene Duiker

-Ren Geisbrecht

-Carol Harvard, John Harvard

-Brian Leinau, Joan Leinau

-Johanne Machuca, Victor Machuca

-Fred Noble, Louise Noble

-Eleanor Resler

-Brice Richard, Liz Richard

-Greg Sanborn

-Larry St. Amand

-Jody Tabelon, pepino Tabelon

-Mike Thome

-Greg Woronuk

-Dave Werner


Special Thanks to the Following:

-Barry Altmik for arranging for the pick up and delivery of the burgers

-Dave Breton for picking up and delivering all of the buns

-John, Carol and Danielle Harvard for pick up and presentation of the float ribbons

-Nichole Gillett, Rhonda Altmik, Cheryl Stacey, Mark Davidson and Dave Breton for staying late Friday night and coming early Saturday morning to set everything up

-Nichole Gillett, Rhonda Altmik, Noelani Breton, Maleah Breton for their help painting all of the standees, signs and decorations

And last but not least...

-Christopher Lee and Jonathan Stach for doing an absolutely amazing job as D.J.'s for the dance.  We have had nothing but praise on the job you guys did for us!

We look forward to seeing you all next year!  Watch the community board for information on next year's "Theme"!

Thank you all!